Chatbots Platform

Create bots and manage your conversations in an easy and dynamic way.

Design conversations with ease through flowcharts.

Collaborate with your team members to create robust and intelligent bots.

Create and automate conversational experiences


With a natural language interpretation, IA will assist you in creating the conversational flow.


We provide you with different alternatives to start developing dynamic bots with ease.


Work collaboratively in your bot and synchronously with different members of your team.


Test your conversation in real time and check if changes are needed before being released to your customers.

Main features

Chat with users:

You will be able to see in real time all the conversations that the chatbot has with the end user and escalate them to a human if necessary.

Keep order of the conversations so that all of them are answered. Agents will be able to archive, postpone and/or refer them.


Humanize your conversations by adding stickers to your answers.

Predefined responses:

Optimize customer service with preconfigured responses.

Service queues:

Assign user conversations to human agents by area of expertise.

Agents y roles:

Define a role for each member using the platform.


Access reports that will help you optimize your communications (metrics of agents, users, sessions, and much more).

Learn from our experts:

In the following video, our experts will teach you basic concepts for operating on the platform, such as:

1- How to use the platform.

2- Creation of chatbots in a simple and dynamic way-

3- Implementation of chatbots to automate sales and customer service processes.

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