Conversational Commerce

Automate your sales on all channels and turn visitors into customers with e-commerce bots.


  • Talk to prospects who show interest
  • Collect lead data for the sales team
  • Provide information and answer general customer questions
  • Make available a catalog with thousands of products within the same channel or provide a link to the desired e-commerce site
  • Review and confirm the order
  • Take orders in-branch to speed up queuing times
  • Collect through different payment systems (Mercado Pago and Paypal, among others)
  • Geolocate customers to solve queries and confirm the delivery address
  • Assign the nearest branch for pick-up orders
  • Transfer the conversation to a human salesperson
  • Provide post-sales information such as responding about order status, shipping, and delivery
  • Conduct post-sales satisfaction surveys to learn about user experience
  • Connect to chat via WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Webchat, Google Business Messages, Twitter, Apple Messages
  • Integrate with e-commerce systems and CRMs to place orders and check the status for each one

Customer Service

Have a customer service bot and respond instantly 24/7 to queries and complaints. Provide technical support with IA.


  • Identify the customer, ask questions to find out who they are and record the customer support
  • Answer the most frequent questions and resolve most cases without the agents' intervention. This allows you to optimize the time and resources of your teams
  • Conduct customer questionnaires to diagnose a problem and classify the query
  • Transfer conversations to the appropriate area or specialists
  • Manage thousands of conversations with a simple-to-configure automated mapping tool
  • Create tickets in CRMs or tracking systems
  • Integrate to company´s systems to assign tasks, send messages, log cases, produce documents, send emails, generate vouchers, and any other need that requires problem resolution
  • Integrate with ticketing systems and CRMs to place orders and check the status of each one
  • Connect to talk via WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, webchat, Google Business Messages, Twitter, Apple messages.


Empower teams to enjoy the work they do every day. Automate frequently asked questions and processes through virtual assistants as a chat. Expand communication and improve teamwork culture.


  • Automate frequently asked questions and processes in Human Resources, Payroll, Hiring, Facilities, Legal, and Finance.
  • Make your company's employees more efficient by avoiding operational and repetitive tasks.
  • Increase your company's internal communication by establishing clear communication channels for each topic.
  • Send notifications, alerts, and news to all collaborators.
  • Integrate it with your services to create a more intelligent bot.

Ad hoc project

Acquaire a bot with all the Botmaker platform techlology, ready to adapt to your business needs.


  • For special projects, we offer to work together, providing the advice of our expert team to develop a customized bot
  • We also offer the possibility of turnkey projects tailored to each client, in which we take care of making their ideas come true
  • Our robust platform allows multiple integrations with other tools, systems, and platforms through APIs
  • You can develop code and integrate the bot with your APIs and web services to create advanced behaviors. You can also include code within the platform
  • You don't need infrastructure, our platform is a SaaS (Software as a Service)