Generación de leads

The case

Botmaker developed Lacta's new Easter bot for direct-to-consumer sales via WhatsApp. Named 'Easter Bunny - Lacta', the bot interacts with the consumer in a fluid way, through text messages and videos, presenting Lacta's Easter portfolio, with a complete menu of options. The supply of products is 100% made by Lojas Americanas, guaranteeing stock during the entireEaster 2021 sales period.

After choosing the item, the consumer enters the postcode of the location where they wish to receive the purchase and receives a link that directs them to the cart, where the payment is made and the order is finalised, on Lacta's website. All the necessary integrations were developed in partnership with Botmaker to enable this complete marketing and sales bot.

Botmaker's bot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning elements, with technology integrated into the Whatsapp API that makes it possible to track the entire consumer journey. In addition to the product catalogue, the bot allows the consumer to access available promotions, the service channel (SAC) and the "Work with me" area. Finally, there is the option of corporate sales, with discounts for employees and companies.

The 'Easter Bunny' campaign increased the conversion rate
by 39%
in the Lacta shop.

The purpose

The Mondelez Brazil Group wanted to create a direct-to-consumer sales action on one of the most relevant retail dates in the Brazilian market.

With partner shops temporarily closed due to the pandemic, the aim was to accelerate online sales and encourage people not to let the date go unnoticed. Thus, the idea was born to create a Lacta Easter bot, christened: Easter Bunny-Lacta.
On what topics does the Easter Bunny respond?
• Kits
• Sorprises
• Classic eggs
• Lacta products
• Children´s line
• New products
• Gifts
• Catalogue

The chosen channel

The Easter Bunny connected through Botmaker, to WhatApp and Facebook Messenger. Lacta also added the chatbot to its website.

We put the consumer first and this is reflected in our entire communication and media strategy. In an increasingly digital world, we strongly believe in the importance of comprehensive strategies that consider all phases of the journey of the person on the other side of the screen. We are very proud of the work of all the
Mondelez team and partners involved in this case.' Peter Studart, Senior Manager of Consumer Experience, Mondelez.


in the
conversion rate at
the Lacta shop


times more
in comparison
with the previous one


in just
seven days
"It is our responsibility to enable our consumers to have access to our brands anytime, anywhere, and our entire digital ecosystem is geared towards that."

Theo Dutra (Director de comercio electrónico, Mondelez.)

The success

The implementation of the bot brought agility in sales as well as expanding contact and sales channels for consumers.

In times of increased consumption on digital platforms, brands need to be where the consumer is present and buying.

Interaction through bots for sales in periods of high demand, such as Easter, becomes fundamental forto increase the efficiency of communication between brands and consumers, strengthening loyalty and increasing visibility.

incremental points in facebook ad recall

39% Increase in in-store coversion rate.

Times more participation in easter week compared to the previous year.