The Case

The virtual assistant created by Botmaker for Ford, named FORDi, uses artificial intelligence for customer service in many countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

FORDi employs a hybrid content strategy, centralizing most of the interactions with common topics for all regions, and also decentralizing such interactions to make sure each location maintains its local relevance.

Besides relevance, the brand aims to fulfill the needs of every customer and personalize their 1-1 experience. Customers can access the bot on their preferred channels, such as the website, Instagram, and Facebook. However, WhatsApp takes the lead in terms of interactions, likely due to its extensive adoption among Latin Americans.

With Botmaker, Ford engages with its customers throughout the entire journey, from information search to the post-sales phase.

The purpose

FORDi offers an extensive range of options to assist its customers at every stage of their shopping journey.

With several possibilities, the bot has integrations that allow:

  • Car Quote Automation
  • Integrated Geolocation System
  • Ability to switch from automated assistance to conversations with agents
  • Access to databases to offer installment plans, subscriptions, and vehicle information accurately
  • Conversational Commerce: Integrated shopping cart within conversational platforms.

The success

The average bot’s resolution rate in 2020 was 70% in all channels. This metric corresponds to conversations in which FORDi was able to respond without the intervention of human agents.

When it comes to leads, the chatbot manages a certification level of 72%, while the average certification from other sources is 55%. 

Of cases solved by the bot.

From certification level.

Increase in user sessions.


of growth
in generated leds


conversationsin Messenger


“The continuous improvement of this tool (from decision trees to integration with API systems) allows us to constantly evolve to keep surprising our customers, thus enriching their experience with the brand”

Ezequiel Balducci (Marketing & Digital Transformation Ford Argentina.)
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