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The case

Boti answers queries on a wide range of city issues via WhatsApp and other communication channels. It is also integrated with citizen service teams, allowing users to speak to a person if they need to.

The growing number of citizen queries is a challenge and this is where bots come in to provide solutions.

With Boti, 82% of
queries are solved by chatbots,
with only 18% being referred to human agents.

The purpose

The goal was to create an official channel that, through dialogue, will provide a simple, unique and personalised experience for all residents.
On what topics Boti responds
• Citizen management
• Information and queries
• Urban Mobility
• Healthcare
• Reports
• Assistance and support

The channel selected to achieve it

WhatsApp: the most used messaging application in Argentina.
With the purpose of informing and answering the concerns, requests and queries of its citizens.This was possible due to the experience acquired so far in the development and implementation of chatbots and the joint work with Botmaker, the only provider authorized by the messaging company for this solution in Argentina.
Boti broke its own record with between 3 and 4.5 million conversations per month in 2021.

A superbot

Boti is a generalist bot that answers queries about the City´s services, procedures, and events. This means that, unlike a bot with a specific goal, it generates all kind of responses with a varied offer of content, since it is in the open domain.

In addition to allowing the user to interact freely, it processes its messages and provides them with answers to their questions through the use of Artificial Intelligence systems on the Botmaker platform.

Another great advantage is its transactional feature by interacting with external systems to return a specific response; in this case, about services available in government areas and in external entities, such as weather, parking spaces, or available bicycles, through geolocation. This is possible since the Botmaler platform enables an extensive integration with an easy-to-implement infraestructure.

It is also informative because its contents are in line with the current situation of the City, constantly adapting to changes and new developments.

The government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires was the first government in the world to integrate WhatsApp as a channel.

Corporate 2019 IN Planeta Chatbot Awards

Boti answers the queries of more than 6 million people

With the pandemic, Boti incorporated many new functions and became the main source of official information where you can: consult on symptoms and prevention of the disease, manage data on COVID 19 cases, the result of the antigen test or PCR and everything related to the Vaccination Plan. It also carries out campaigns to raise awareness about care, family support and prevention of gender violence, among others.

Facebook, as part of the launch of its global campaign to help in the vaccination against COVID19 around the world, recognised Boti as an international example of a solution on WhatsApp.
To start a conversation, the neighbour only has to dialnumber (+54 9) 11 - 5050 - 0147 on their phone.
The bot introduces itself andis available to answer any questions and queries.
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