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Botmaker empowers you to effortlessly create and streamline chatbots, centralizing all your conversations for seamless management. Experience the convenience of real-time message responses while enjoying these features:
Intuitive chat flow creation through simplified diagrams
Efficient collaboration, enabling team-based bot development
Effortless automation across diverse flow types


Optimize your customer service capabilities by connecting multiple agents at once with Botmaker. Unlock the true potential of your team's performance with these resources:
Efficient conversation segmentation based on topics
Chatbot overflow for designated human support queues
Filters, tags and other resources for better optimizing your teams’ efficiency


Botmaker leverages the global technology and infrastructure of the Google platform. Our advanced security configurations offer a fortified shield for your valuable data, including:
Comprehensive traffic monitoring, with robust service defense against DDoS attacks on infrastructure
Geolocation control and application-based defense against malicious SQLi and XSS attacks
Implementation of permission lists and IP blocking to ensure strict access control
Unwavering compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Powered by our cutting-edge proprietary artificial intelligence engine, the Botmaker platform is a continuously evolving powerhouse. Our technology is dedicated to accurately interpreting user intentions, whether conveyed through text or voice messages, leveraging:
Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities
Advanced Machine Learning algorithms for unparalleled accuracy and adaptability
Harnessing the potential of generative artificial intelligence, including renowned providers like ChatGPT
With the integration of generative AI, we engineer products that simplify and optimize the workflows of diverse teams, delivering unmatched speed and efficiency to your business.


Empower your company with real-time dashboards that provide a wealth of information about your agents' activities and incoming conversations across all customer care channels integrated with Botmaker. Unlock the ability to optimize your customer communication like never before with:
Specific data on users, chatbots, and customer service agents, enabling you to make informed decisions
Customizable filters that allow you to generate personalized reports tailored to your business needs
Data connectionData connection capabilities with Business Intelligence solutions with Business Intelligence solutions


Take control of your digital channels and achieve unparalleled centralization with Botmaker's powerful platform. In addition to offering direct connections to over 20 text and voice channels, we provide you with an extensive array of integration capabilities:
Direct integration with popular platforms, CRMs, payment gateways, geolocation services, delivery systems, and translation tools
Connection to data resources, such as Google Data Studio and Data Warehouse, for data analysis and visualization
Access to a vast range of tools and services through our API


At Botmaker, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customized services designed specifically to meet your needs. With our comprehensive set of features, you can automate processes and create engaging conversational experiences for all your WhatsApp users. Enjoy the following features:
Manage multiple simultaneous access with a single mobile number, ensuring smooth interactions with your customers.
Exchange of documents, images, audios, videos, and stickers, allowing you to provide rich and engaging content
Customize the voice tone of your chatbot, adding personality into conversations for an authentic and engaging user experience.
Guide users effectively using buttons and response lists, providing clear pathways and intuitive navigation
Effortlessly send out active notifications on a massive scale, keeping your users engaged and informed

Marketing actions

Activate targeted campaigns and captivate every user with custom automations tailored to their preferences and behaviors.

Voice and video calls

Elevate customer service to new heights by transitioning text conversations with agents into audio or video calls with just one click.

App for mobile devices

Take control of your conversations and customer service on the go with our intuitive mobile app, responding promptly and efficiently from anywhere.

Join more than 5 thousand companies that use Botmaker to optimize processes and customer services

"Botmaker is helping us offer a chatbot for our web-users to give information, we're financially benefiting a lot because users do not have to come physically and can get information via WhatsApp or Webchat"
Agustin Martin
Large Customer
"Botmaker has helpful features and a clean interface. It's straightforward to use, and it works fine. It has increased the performance of my business and helps the chatting with clients"
Jane Alves
"I really love how Botmaker helps me and my team to enhance and automate our customer service with our chatbot. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, which I really appreciate"
Fernando Lucio
Small Business
"What I like most about the application is that the customer receives end-to-end service, the chat is only ended after it is complete. Botmaker is well ahead of the competition, being a reference product in the market"
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Juliano Holanda
"An excellent tool for keeping contact and bringing human interaction to new heights. Best for governments and corporations looking to help customers/neighbors as best as possible"
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Tabatha Paredes
Large Customer
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC


What is a chatbot for WhatsApp?
A chatbot is a technological system, based on artificial intelligence, used to interact with users in an automated way. In WhatsApp, it can be used to answer questions, send information, perform specific tasks and processes, and more, always simulating the interaction with a human.
How does a chatbot in WhatsApp work?
For a chatbot to be connected to the channel, you need to have access to the API of a business account of WhatsApp itself integrated with an automation tool. Through this tool, you can send and receive messages from users in an automated way.
Why use a chatbot for sales and customer service on WhatsApp?
A chatbot on WhatsApp can provide fast, accurate, standardized, and real-time responses. Not only is the chatbot available 24/7, it can also respond to multiple messages simultaneously, saving the customer service teams time.
What features of WhatsApp can be used with a chatbot?
A chatbot on WhatsApp can interpret text messages and audios. It can send text messages, images, videos, documents, stickers, reply buttons, and more.
What kind of interactions can a chatbot on WhatsApp do?
On WhatsApp, a chatbot can assist with answering frequently asked questions for sales and customer service, providing information about products and services, helping with purchase process tracking and order tracking, and even facilitating support requests.
Is it possible to add human support to an automated WhatsApp account when needed?
Yes, it is possible to overflow an automated customer service into a human response depending on the business strategy or user need. The agent can be available in a menu option or when receiving a message with such a request, for example.
How many conversations can a WhatsApp chatbot answer simultaneously?
The exact number of conversations a chatbot can answer varies depending on the platform and server used. However, chatbots are designed to respond to large amounts of messages and requests simultaneously without exceeding their capacity.
What kind of customization is possible in a chatbot on WhatsApp?
On WhatsApp, you can adjust the language and tone of voice of the chatbot according to the brand, aligning communication across all touchpoints. In addition, you can include emojis, buttons, reply lists and the company's own stickers.
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