Integrate your bot with text channels, voice and more. Do it directly or API-based.


Integrate your bot with different systems and enhance your conversational commerce strategy.
Payment Systems
Integrate payment systems and automate your sales process with bots. Serve your customers in their preferred channel.
Send the nearest branch location to your customers, offer home deliveries and more with geolocation..
Automate product delivery by integrating delivery apps.
Create call to actions in your bot’s intentions and connect it to your servers in order to send emails, connect your CRM and more
Answer your customers without worrying about the language they or your agents speak.
We also share data with your systems using different methods and authentication levels.
API-based access
We provide reading and writing data access through API calls. Each call is validated with an OAuth2 token provided by our platform. The token contains information about the bot and the platform user who validates it. API calls are also maintained in audit logs..
Data studio reports
We share partial data with users who have Google Data Studio credentials. Data is validated by Google security through G-Suite.
BI and Data Warehouse access
Direct access to your BI platform or data warehouse. We use Google security services, where a G-Suite account is required.


If you already use Zendesk you can integrate it with the Botmaker platform.

Chat with your customers via WhatsApp directly from Zendesk.

On this platform you can manage your chats and access all the history.
If you already use Salesforce you can integrate it with the Botmaker platform.

Manage your customer information from the first contact with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. And you can access this data from anywhere because it's all hosted in the cloud.

Talk to your CRM customers via WhatsApp.
If you already use Zoho Connect you can integrate it with the Botmaker platform.

Bring together your team and your resources in this collaboration software.

Facilitate the organization and communication of your employees by synchronizing your platforms.


Connect Botmaker with the platforms you need through our API.We provide customized solutions, tell us about your project and the platforms you use.