The Case

IRSA is the largest real estate company in Argentina. One of its main business units is the operation of 14 iconic malls placed in the country’s main cities.

With millions of monthly visitors, IRSA aimed to innovate customer interaction by creating a personalized, conversational, and automated experience.

The Purpose

Botmaker developed a WhatsApp chatbot that interacts with customers on their preferred communication channel through a verified account. At first, the bot answered general inquiries, effectively automating hundreds of daily queries with no need to redirect them to a customer service agent.

In the second phase, the project evolved by incorporating new features such as customer notifications and the personalization of virtual assistants. Today, each of the 14 IRSA malls has its own named chatbot that engages in conversations with users while considering the culture and peculiarities of their diverse customer communities.

In this regard, currently, the WhatsApp channel not only addresses informational queries but has also demonstrated its ability to enhance user engagement and improve interaction with brands through various gamification actions, such as quizzes and themed contests.

The continuous learning ability of IRSA's mall chatbots means that this automation tool becomes smarter with each interaction, strengthening and enhancing the system's efficiency over time.

The Success


growth in customer interaction without incurring increased costs.

4 min

x 5 hours: quicker transfer to a human agent in complaints and claims.


increase in the opening rate of outgoing WhatsApp messages compared to email.


points in NPS (Net Promoter Score) due to the combination of automated and human interactions.
"Our personalized chatbots were able to increase our interaction with customers by 400% in a short time, significantly boosting our NPS by over 80 points. This strategy enables us to forge stronger connections with our diverse customer communities. Interested in launching a rocket to the Moon? Talk to Botmaker, and they can make it happen."

Pablo Moreno, Chief Customer Services Officer at IRSA
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