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The Case

OXXO, a neighborhood market of the Grupo Nós, a joint venture between Raízen and Femsa, strengthens the consumer experience and now serves through one of Brazilians' favorite channels: WhatsApp.

In this new conversational channel, OXXO sends information about stores and promotions, answers frequently asked questions, and also registers people interested in receiving offers and updates from the brand in an effective and personalized way through the innovative generative AI technology, with a customized solution created by Botmaker.

Within less than 5 months and through organic outreach, the bot has provided support to 3,500 customers, maintaining efficient support, brand features, and tone.

The Purpose

Botmaker Brazil has developed and implemented customized AI solutions that have enabled the usage of ChatGPT, ranging from assistance for human support to integration with the brand's Knowledge Base for greater accuracy and topic coverage. The most commonly used conversational flows are for:

- Information about stores and promotions.
- Answering frequently asked questions.
- Registering people interested in receiving offers.
- Consulting the closest stores through the user’s shared geolocation.

The active communications to the database through opt-in are truly comprehensive, adopting a language that connects with customers. They include images and videos aimed at fostering greater user engagement. The highlight is the Festa Junina, during which customers participated in a fishing game where each fish represented a different offer.

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The Success


in the number of users


in the number of sessions


in the opt-in database


in registered leads 
“The partnership with Botmaker allows us to fulfill not only our customer needs but also the brand's. Through WhatsApp chat, it is possible to check our promotions, find the closest store, and stay updated on the latest market news. The humorous tone of voice we use to support our customers allows us to surprise them,”

Camila Assis, Head of Marketing and External Communication at Grupo Nós.

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