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The Case

Founded in the USA in 1960, Domino’s is the world's largest pizza chain, built on five pillars that guide the brand’s positioning: taste, price, speed, delivery, and promotion. Domino’s Pizza Brazil, the chain's national operation, currently boasts over 180 stores across various regions of the country, including 15 state capitals.

With plans to double its presence in the country by 2025, Domino’s has focused on tech investments as a core business strategy, aiming to enhance the customer experience and open new sales and marketing channels. Following this strategy, Botmaker revamped DOM, Domino’s Brazil chatbot, making it faster and easier to order and transforming the delivery experience through WhatsApp.

Launched organically, the new version of the DOM bot has reached thousands of users with increased agility and an easier ordering process

The Purpose

The DOM bot has now reached its 3.0 version, optimizing the purchasing experience by integrating WhatsApp's catalog, which is more intuitive and faster. Customers are first presented with the best sellers, and it's easier to place orders directly from the app without having to navigate to other pages or apps.

The advantages of the Domino’s chatbot with this new catalog feature include:

- An intuitive and simple virtual showcase for customers to explore and select products, with a focus on highlighting the best sellers.
- Detailed information and attractive images for each flavor option and complement, such as beverages and sides, assisting with decision-making
- The ability to add or remove items directly from the shopping cart, providing a comprehensive view of the order and all included products

With all these features available within WhatsApp, the integration of the catalog into the chatbot creates a customer-oriented purchasing experience, enhancing efficiency and increasing sales.
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The Success

The agility in the ordering process and the delivery updates via WhatsApp have contributed to a more integrated and comprehensive experience, strengthening Domino’s image as a brand focused on excellent customer support. The success of this implementation is evident in the numbers and customer satisfaction. Following DOM's renewal in the first quarter, monthly order volumes saw a 78.16% increase, comparing January 2024 to October 2023. In addition to the significant increase in pizza orders, customers have also shown greater satisfaction with the service. According to an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, over 80% of customers are considered promoters, indicating they rated the service with over 8 points on a scale of 0 to 10, demonstrating a high level of satisfaction.


Net Promoter Score (NPS) points among customers


increase in monthly order volume after 1 quarter of bot’s renewal (Jan/24 compared to Oct/23)


increase in monthly order volume compared to the previous month (Dec/23 compared to Nov/23)


increase in monthly order volume compared to the previous year (Dec/23 compared to Dec/22)
“We prioritize strengthening the customer experience as the main booster of our strategy. Adopting a humanized language is key to establishing a closer connection with our consumers, enabling them to order in a quick and easy way”

Bruno Oliveira, Director of Technology and Supply at Domino’s Pizza Brazil. 
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The sales volume consistently increases every month, refining a lead segmentation strategy and approach alignment