Customer service

The case

Through its bot Alicerce serves more than 40,000 people with a traffic of 1 million messages in 2021.

It answers questions, understands the learning objectives of each student to insert them into the ideal class and forwards the link to live classes for each of the students automatically.

In addition to answering questions from parents and students, the bot makes items such as school records and student record information available. Fully personalised, it facilitates communication between the startup and its audience, identifying users through basic registration information such as CPF, student name, grade, among others.

Bots to answer
questions from over 40,000 students about classes, courses and financial matters.

The purpose

Alicerce Educación is a social impact company whose mission is to provide affordable, quality education. Faced with the closure of schools in Brazil in 2020, and committed to maintaining the level of learning, it launched a programme of free weekly courses for children and young people, ranging from literacy to pre-university courses. And in this same context was born its bot, which seeks to optimise attention by providing immediate and accurate answers andto the questions of its students.

Founded in 2018, Alicerce Educación has 82 units in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Ceará and Paraná, and offers a quality complement to basic education. In this way, it seeks to expand and promote education for more than 4 million young people throughout Brazil.
What topics does the Alicerce bot respond to?
• Frequent enquiries fromparents and pupils
• Registratrion of interested new pupiles.
• General information about the educational network.
• Prices and financial information
• Pedagogical issues for pupils
• FAQ for parents and pupils

The chosen channel

Available on Whatsapp, the bot allows complete communication management with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning.The initiative has a 100% automated service with the option of human attention if necessary.

This ensures greater agility and integration between students and Alicerce's administration team.


users in 2021




increase in queries
quarter over quarter
"The bot developed in partnership with Botmaker has become one of the main communication channels for students and parents of young people from 5 to 25 years old with Alicerce, facilitating interaction and meeting the high demand"

Danilo Rocha (Head de atención de Alicerce Educación.)

The success

The Alicerce Education bot optimised the attention to students and the general public. In its beginnings during the pandemic, it contributed to the continuity of education, responding to more than 10,000 students in the network. Then, in 2021, it responded to more than 40,000 users, with a traffic of approximately 1 million messages.

The automation of this number of queries allowed Alicerse's teams of agents to focus on strategic activities, leaving routine issues with the bot


+1 millon

increase in queries quarter
over quarter

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