Connect one or multiple Webchats to your site

Respond quickly and segment conversations.
Increase your sales with automation.
Build valuable conversations and improve your customer service.
Use different webchats according to the type of audience.

Why is it important to have a webchat?

Chatbots improve the experience of those who visit the site, turning visitors into potential customers.

These virtual assistants can also answer questions through a personalized conversation, with quick and automatic responses, orthrough specialized agents when needed.

Connect with customers and prospects

Chat with all visitors directly through your site to answer frequently asked questions.

Answer 24 hours a day

Set up service hours so that the chatbot and agents are always available.That way, users will always get a response.

Tailored to your business

Customize the name, colors, logo, size, font, and visible objects.

Benefits of having one or more webchats

Sending and receiving messages in real time 

Users can send messages and receive replies in real time.

Integration with other platforms

With a script code, perform the integration within your website and other platforms such as social networks or CRM systems. 


Available on multiple channels, such as websites, apps, or social media platforms. 

Response automation

Include chatbots to provide automated responses to common questions or repetitive tasks.

Transfer to agents

You can transfer the conversation to an agent if a personalized assistance is required. 

Evaluation and analysis

Webchats can provide data analysis and evaluation tools to help improve the efficiency and quality of customer service.

Continuation of previous conversations

Users can view previous conversations to get context and resume interaction.


With the editor, customize the styles and messages for the webchats of all your sites to match your brand identity. 
- Easy to use
- Ability to develop multiple webchats
- Faster implementation
- Customization of colors, logos, and all visible objects
- More options for on-website opening
- Chat button edition for web or WhatsApp

Use cases

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