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The case

Thanks to Botmaker, Ford interacts with users through different flows that respond to the customer's journey, from the search for information to the quotation on the product use.

Specifically, in the car quotation automation project, a geolocation system was integrated into the flow, as well as the transfer of conversations to agents in all channels through Botmaker in order to provide a better service. Likewise, it is integrated to the different Ford systems and databases to provide the user with a complete experience, with access, for example, to the installment plan, subscriptions, information about the vehicle, etc.

As it is a hybrid chat, the conversation is led by the bot but allows the user to be transferred to different customer services (Customer Service Center, Plan Ovalo, Sales - Leads Generation).

The purpose

Its purpose was to create a single, integrated communication channel to automate tasks and conversations improving the customer experience at different stages. Its main goals are:

Increase customer satisfaction


Improve the productivity of customer care agents


Generate Leads

Thus, FORDi was born as an hybrid chatbot created to meet your needs. For that purpose, they counted on Botmaker as an ally to develop this project and achieve their goals.
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On which topics FORDi responds

Vehicle Information

After-Sales Service

Financing Plans



Car Sharing

Authorized Dealers

Store Access

Which channels were chosen?

Ford connected through Botmaker to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DM. It also added a chatbot on its website.

The work of integrating and expanding contact channels increased by 7000% the number of user sessions if we compare February 2020, when FORDi was only active on Facebook Messenger, versus February 2021 when, in addition to Facebook Messenger, channels such as website, Whatsapp, and Instagram Direct Messages, were incorporated.

The integration of FORDi with multiple platforms, mainly WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messenger and Facebook Messenger, allows us to develop a relevant communication channel with the customer to know and identify their needs faster", Ezequiel Balducci, Marketing & Digital Transformation Ford Argentina.
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You can start right away

70 %

of resolved cases, without human intervention


of certification level


was the increase in user sessions in just one year after expanding the channels

The Success

The average rate of cases resolved by the bot during 2020 was 70% across all channels. This metric corresponds to conversations that FORDi manage to handle without the need of human intervention.

Regarding leads, the chatbot manages a certification level of 72% whereas the average of other sources are around 55%.

Likewise, FORDi is also becoming a tool to improve user experience in the offline world. Thanks to FORDi, a summer contactless activation was developed where, for example, the vehicles in the Pinamar and Cariló areas had QR codes linking to the bot on WhatsApp with intents and information relevant to the user's interest.

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