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Success stories

<span class="text-bold">Customer Support</span> <br/> The bot of the IRSA shopping centers networks provides differentiated information about its multiple locations.logo

IRSA Shoppings

Customer Support
The bot of the IRSA shopping centers networks provides differentiated information about its multiple locations.

The IRSA bot provides differentiated information about its multiple business locations. It answers frequent queries regarding its shopping centers´ stores, products, and services. Its thematic scope covers information about promotions, stores, parking, locations, and it also allows sales via WhatsApp. This bot is characterized by the good use of context through the integration in different channels such as WhastApp, Messenger, Webchat, and Google assistant. Likewise, the bot can respond in a differentiated way depending on the shopping center that the user is inquiring about.

<span class="text-bold">Customer support and leads generation</span> <br/> The bot of the telecommunications company Entel focuses on customer support.logo


Customer support and leads generation
The bot of the telecommunications company Entel focuses on customer support.

The Entel bot focuses on the assistance of current and prospect customers. It answers users´queries about topics such as how to purchase a new phone line, migrate to Entel or auto-activate a chip. For those who already use the service, it allows to top up the phone balance, check current plans, know about the amount of the invoices to be paid, and much more. This bot is integrated with the customer service team on the Botmaker platform. This integration enables the transfer of calls for the specific customer service team for each customer´s segment.

<span class="text-bold">Social media management</span> <br/> Movistar Peru automated its social networks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.logo

Movistar Peru

Social media management
Movistar Peru automated its social networks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

No matter how many comments you have, ¡Now you can respond to them all! Automate the comments on your posts with a bot, like Movistar Peru does. You can also connect to multiple agents simultaneously. In addition, you can now chat with your customers and manage all your Instagram Messenger conversations from Botmaker. Manage your social networks centrally and boost your conversational commerce on your customers´favorite app.

<span class="text-bold">Customer Support </span> <br/>Méqui Zap is the McDonald’s conversational commerce bot.logo


Customer Support
Méqui Zap is the McDonald’s conversational commerce bot.

Méqui Zap, the McDonald's bot to automate the delivery of discount vouchers. Through simple navigation menus, it makes QR codes available for customers to use at McDonald's restaurants. As the first voucher delivery bot in a fast-food chain, it also makes available other information such as the menu, the nearest branches, quick access to delivery, and many more. In addition, Méqui Zap takes orders and automates the takeaway process.

Custom Projects

You can build your bot using our platform, or hire our teams for custom implementations and turnkey projects

Self-serve: build your bot

With our self-serve option you can open an account and start building bots. There’s no limits to what you can do. All features are available to create intents, add live-chat, connect channels, integrate your systems, code services and customize it to your needs.

Automation Projects

Tell us what you need and we’ll build it for you. For businesses, governments, RFPs and turnkey solutions, hire our teams in multiple languages. We vast experience leading projects, working with companies and offering turnkey solutions to build bots and messaging solutions.

There are different types of companies

Find the solution that best fits your needs

Start-ups, small and medium-sized

If you are just starting or have a few thousand interactions a month, start automating with hybrid live-chat and bots. Or build functional bots to answer FAQs, capture leads and manage social media and chat on your website. Don’t start with big, complex projects. Start small, implement fast and iterate. With Botmaker you can automate as you go by adding new questions, new processes while your users talk to agents and bots.

Large companies and governments

If you are looking for a partner to develop bots for your company, or a platform for a large volume of users, contact us directly. We often recommend starting with pilot projects, but also planning for large scale implementations. These projects require leadership, certifications, quality control, testing, project management and other services. We will allocate a team of specialists and developers to work with you during the set-up and for the life cycle of the project.